Water City Berkeley: a film by Kim Anno

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Water City Berkeley

Kim Anno
Oct 5, 2013 to Oct 6, 2013
screening in the center gallery with a live ensemble

A chapter, from Men and Women in Water Cities series, 2010-present. This staged work is about adapting to a watery world in climate change and maintaining aesthetic and intellectual life and redefining leisure time in the face of the coming disaster. Choreographer KT Nelson of the Oberlin Dance company collaborated with Anno to create a beautiful, haunting, and cryptic short film that imagines an impacted world both light and dark. The actors are mainly young people who are the inheritors of the problem from previous generations. Anno’s prior chapters are created in LA, San Diego, Miami, and Durban, South Africa, excerpts can be seen on her Vimeo channel. Kim Anno is represented by Patricia Sweetow Gallery and Marcia Wood Gallery. Her film installations have been shown Flux Projects, Atlanta, Durban Municipal Gallery, Goethe Institute, South Africa, Site Santa Fe Museum, New Mexico among other venues.

Kim Anno: producer, director, camera

Josef Jaques: director of photography
KT Nelson: choreographer
David Coll: composer
Ashley James: cinematographer
Kyung Lee: camera
Ian Liu Johnston, Kim Anno: post production

Russ Artega: sound engineering
SF Sound Players: musicians
Kim Anno: sound arrangement/design
Featured song by Kingdom of Not
Dan Carbone: musician, songwriter, performer
Andrew Goldfarb: musician, songwriter, performer
Adam Carlin: sound design contributor
Berkeley High School Arts and Humanities Academy
Northgate High Cheerleaders, Concord, CA
Berkeley High Chamber Ensemble players

Principal actors: Morell Cutler, Esteban Partida, Jose Navarrete, Debby Kajiyama

Additional actors: Noel Dahl, Benjamin blanco, Jokie Wilson, Luci Liss, Nicole Harris, Carolynne Lee

Production assistants: Lynnea Holland-Weiss, Carolynne Lee

Prop construction: Esteban Partida, Kim Anno

Titles: Adrienne Weiss Design, NY

Thanks to: Linda Carr, Miriam Stahl, Devon Brewer, Karen Wells, Mary Doughtery, Marcia Wood Gallery, Grady Harris, Ellen Barnard, Tomorrow Pictures

Thanks to funders: Open Circle Foundation, Zellerbach Foundation, California College of the Arts, Berkeley Art Center

Since 2011, there has been a meta project: Men and Women in Water Cities, which is a global project, with chapters filmed in northern, and southern California, Miami, and Durban, South Africa. Kim Anno has the ambition to film in a variety of port cities including island nations around the world. The multi channel film is about post sea level rise society and trying to adapt to a watery world for those in port cities and coastal areas.

In Water City Berkeley, Anno is located in the city of Berkeley (which is her own municipality) and its citizens and young people (Berkeley High school); the viewers are asked to imagine a world where water has entered the city. The ocean is the mediator, the harbinger of a future town. How people will still want to be hopeful? How will they be utopian, have leisure time, work, play, make symbols, have an intellectual and aesthetic life? The role of sports is perennial, and so is art…I am picturing these qualities, and giving a snapshot of cultural life under duress. The focal point of the film is a game of "Capture The Flag", with reassembled flags suggesting that nation states have been re-formed, yet young people are still competing against one another in their highly prized leisure time. The site of the game is Alameda Beach because of its shallow nature, and actors and dancers can play out in the water away from shore enough to create a watery world illusion.

The other site of film location is "The Tea House" a place (Ken Kesey hung out here) where artists and musicians have worked for several decades, inhabited by hand made sculptures, structures, and a downed glider-plane, a well worn post disaster café.

Kim Anno's work has been exhibited and nationally, and internationally, and locally here in San Francisco. SFMOMA, Oakland Museum, Brooklyn Museum, and the Honolulu Academy of Fine Art have collected her work among others. Recently, she has an exhibition at Marcia Wood Gallery in Atlanta, titled "The Grand Tour" She lives and maintains a studio in Berkeley, California. The layers of meaning are both light and dark, and it is Anno's intention to spur viewers to action in whatever ways are meaningful to them.