Video works by Roi Carmeli

Roi Carmeli

Roi Carmeli
Jan 3, 2014 to Jan 26, 2014
in the center gallery

An explorer of art practice, Roi Carmeli works in a variety of art disciplines and environments. His beautifully crafted objects are the subject of this short series of vignettes. They hint at things we often feel but cannot express. What appears unfamiliar at first glance becomes subtly and poetically loaded with politics and emotion, symbol and metaphor, and the raw material that makes us human.

His works aim to explore different aspects of memory and its fragility, time and its effects, rhythm and movement, mainly within the context of kinetic sculptures and audiovisual narratives. Driven by the belief that as humans we are limited to a partial view of our surroundings (both physically and mentally) he uses material as a means of transforming the inconceivable into a visible object. In his work process he combines everyday objects with iconic forms, using their familiarity as a starting point, but transforming their purpose and filling it with new meaning.

Recent projects deal with the subject of burdened, weary figures such as labor workers and old people and work with objects that are representative of those social groups.

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