Kate Short
Feb 7, 2014 to Feb 26, 2014
in the main gallery

Closing Reception & Live Performance by Shanna Sordahl
Wednesday, February 26th, 7-9pm

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Interstice is a sound sculpture that generates low frequency sound waves that are below the level that can be heard by the human ear. These low frequencies, referred to as infrasound, are felt through the body creating a physiological experience of sound. The composition for this piece is made up of one single frequency, 19hz, which is said to fool the mind into believing that there is a ghostly presence in the room. This sculpture was built around the Tibetan Buddhist belief that sound is the last sense to leave as we move from life to death. In this way the Interstice uses inaudible sound to create a portal, a place that opens and becomes a vehicle for this passage.

The Interstice is one of three pieces within a body of work that is inspired by the composer Eliane Radigue and her seminal work, Trilogy de la Mort (A Trilogy of Death). As “a spiritual acoustic journey reflecting on the transcendence of death”, it relates to the Tibetan Buddhism concept that hearing is the last sense to be lost as we pass from life to death. Grounded in this idea, Interstice uses inaudible sound to create a portal, a space that opens and becomes a vehicle for this passage.

Shanna Sordahl is an American-Canadian sound artist and composer currently living in Oakland, CA. Her work takes on many forms due to her interdisciplinary interests and love of diversity, from site-specific installations to collaborations with choreographers. Recently she finished an MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Media at Mills College where she focused on digital and analog synthesis, installation work, cello improvisation and audio engineering. She also holds a BA in music from Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario where her concentration included both electro-acoustic music and religious studies.

Shanna will perform an improvisational piece with cello and electronics along with the Interstice sculpture.